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Greeting Parrot Lovers!

Parrot toys may not be among the first thing that comes to mind when considering what is needed in the treatment of a parrot. However, research has shown that toys play a very important role in parrot development. Choosing the right toys will give your parrot a safe and attractive environment for play and exercise when kept in a cage as well as when allowed to wander around the house.

However, choosing the wrong toys can lead to boredom and even worse, injury or death! Screaming, biting and feather plucking are symptoms of this boredom. This bad behavior can be suppressed if the parrot kept being involved and active, regardless they are in the cage or when playing outside the cage. One would expect the owners to let the parrot out of the cage several times a day and interact with it and play with their toys, so people should think about the toys that are suitable for the parrot cage and outside.

Your parrot should be stimulated and have fun with many different toys. Enriching parrot toys in captivity with activities and stimulations, will make them feel in their own natural habitat. By copying the behavior of nature that promote mental challenge, parrots will be healthier and happier. This should be provided with toys, that will not risk the peace, and in return will give a lot of quality time and fun for all the family.

Here you can find different type of toys that are very suitable for your parrots from sizes, types and materials! Do browse around and get some for your parrots!. Happy Parroting!